Intemo – Innovative Technology in Motion

Marshallstraat 20-24, 5705 CN, Helmond – +31 (0)492 547447

Since 1989 Intemo has been supplying industrial computer solutions for different markets. Through the years we have gained extensive experience in not only standard solutions, but also fully customized solutions. Driven by innovation, we have been developing our own products for years which enables us to always find a solution for you.

2019: Intemo wins the prize for outstanding partner of the year 2018. This prize has been awarded to us by Neousys. We are honoured to receive this prize and are happy with the partnership with Neousys.


2018: Intemo is part of the Interreg Smart Space project as a technology partner. Goal of the project is to reduce CO2 emission and energy consumption of street lighting.


2018: Intemo plays an important role in the Waalkade project in the city of Nijmegen. For this project the air quality around the river the Waal is measured by using sensors developed by Intemo.


2017: Intemo receives recognition from Good Industrial Design (GIO) for our Connected Bins sensor. The Connected Bins sensors measure the amount of trash inside trash bins so that cleaning services can work more efficiently.


2016: Intemo forms a new partnership with Neousys Technology. Neousys is specialized in rugged embedded computers and systems in automation, machine vision, transportation, GPU computing, surveillance and video analytics.


2015: Intemo gets the EU tender granted for equipping all police cars in the Netherlands with innovative location-based service computers. We developed a multifunctional in-vehicle system that can be fully integrated with the system of the police.


2015: Intemo forms a new partnership with DFI. DFI is specialized in embedded computers for factory automation, medical, gaming, transportation, smart energy, defense and intelligent retail.


2013: Intemo receives the Dutch Design Award for the Klasse Contact unit which we developed. KPN organized a contest between companies to come up with a device, which allows children with an illness to still take part in classes while being at the hospital or at home. Intemo won the contest with the unit we developed.


2006: Intemo developed the first computers of our own brand Quest. Quest computers are especially suited for use in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or ships. Intemo also developed fully customized monitors.


1996: Intemo moved to our current building located on Marshallstraat in Helmond. The new building (600 square meter) was thoroughly renovated. Amongst the renovations were ESD floors all throughout the building. In the years that followed, another building was build on the same terrain. The second building (500 square meter) is now being used as a storehouse.


1994: In this year Intemo developed an in-vehicle computer for the police in the Dutch region of Kennemerland. The computer was used in all the vehicles in that region. Since 1994 Intemo has been developing MDT solutions for several emergency services.


1991: Intemo became an official distributor of iEi. iEi is specialized in industrial computers for factory automation, networking appliances, computer telephony integration, security, systems, IoT, national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base stations and medical instruments.


1991: In this year the company moved from Valkenswaard to the city of Helmond. By this time the company had grown to a total of 6 members.


1989: In this year Intemo was established. The company started in Valkenswaard with a total of 3 members as a supplier of industrial computers, test and measuring equipment and also developed its own PCB’s.