An innovative way of passers-by counting

Visualizing flows of passers-by

The municipality of Nijmegen will soon start with a new passers-by counting system in the center of the city. By using sensors equipped with an integrated camera, Nijmegen wants to visualize the flow of large groups of passers-by. Intemo will supply and install the sensors used for this project. In the past Intemo has provided Nijmegen with multiple sensors, mostly for measuring air quality in several projects.

Valuable information

By counting passerby’s, the municipality of Nijmegen wants to get a better view of crowded areas in the city center. On which locations and around what time is it the most crowded? And how do large crowds of passers-by move through the city center? The municipality as well as entrepreneurs want to get a better view of the passers-by routes. Nijmegen can use the data to determine the value of property. Entrepreneurs can use the data to determine the most busy moments in their streets. The collected data by the sensors will be presented on an open data dashboard. Everyone will be able to see at which moments the streets in the center of Nijmegen will be crowded.

Privacy approved

The sensors have been developed according to privacy by design. Even though the sensors are equipped with a camera, the images don’t get transmitted. The sensor analyses the images, counts the objects and converts the images to data. The data does not contain any privacy sensitive components. The data can not be used to trace back to individual persons. The sensors have been approved by the security officer of Nijmegen.

Smart cities

The sensors used in the passers-by system are the next addition to the smart city solutions Intemo has to offer. Next to passers-by counting systems we also developed sensors for measuring the trash level in bins, measuring air quality in outdoor and indoor environments and smart energy. As with all of our smart city solutions, we provide a data platform for visualization and interaction with other systems. This way we try to implement a horizontal integration, rather than the vertical integration often used in cities.

Interested in  passers-by counting for your municipality? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would gladly tell you more about the possibilities.