Smart City
As a technology partner Intemo has extensive experience with Smart Cities. We develop innovative products such as smart sensors and data processing systems. By collecting data, municipalities can get valuable insights on social and technical processes. Intemo always strives for innovations that are beneficial to both the municipalities as well as citizens. We have developed solutions for monitoring public spaces, measuring air quality, smart energy and communication systems and have helped municipalities with the implementation.

Measuring air quality
Our Josene® sensors are designed to measure air quality and environmental factors in several different environments. The sensors make it easy to build a relatively cheap, but accurate sensor network. The Josene ® sensors can measure several different environmental factors, such as gasses (CO2, fine particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ), climatic factors (temperature, humidity, air pressure) and environmental factors (sound pressure, light intensity), amongst others. The measured values can be presented and visualized on several different data platforms.

Sensors often require different specifications depending on the type of environment they are used in. That is why we developed several Josene® sensors for different types of environments. We have sensors for:

Each sensor is customizable in terms of values you want to measure, communication methods and power supply.

Passers-by counting system
Intemo offers solutions for counting passers-by in public spaces. With the sensors municipalities can obtain data of passers-by flows. The sensors are equipped with an integrated camera, but the images are directly converted to anonymous data. This ensures the privacy of the passers-by and makes it a privacy approved system.