Intemo has extensive experience in developing sensor platforms from idea phase to development and implementation. Do you want to implement sensors to measure and collect data? We would gladly listen to your ideas and find a solution for you together.

The sensors can be used for measuring a wide range of variables both indoors and outdoors, mostly centered around air quality. Some of the variables our sensor are able to measure are: temperature, sound pressure, CO2, NO2, fine particles (PM2.5 and PM10) and wind chill factor. Every 10 seconds the measured values can be send and visualized on data platforms, which give an almost real time view of the values. Technical management of the sensors can be done remotely, like implementing updates.

Josene sensors are currently being applied in a wide range of different environments. The demands for each sensor differ per environment. In terms of types of measured values, frequency of sending data or durability of the sensors, the demands for the sensors depend on the type of environment. The combination of innovation, knowhow and flexibility allows us to meet most demands when it comes to customizing sensors.