In-vehicle hardware is meeting steeper demands in terms of performance. At the same time the hardware is expected to become smaller in size and be more energy efficient. To meet these demands, Intemo has developed the Quest computers.

Appliances and features

Our Quest computers are excellent for use in vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. The Quest computers are small in size but powerful in performance and are able to support multiple features. This makes it possible to integrate multiple in-vehicle systems into one Quest computer.

All Quest computers offer remote management. At any given moment you can view statuses or initiate updates remotely, so that the vehicle can remain on the road. In terms of fleet management, Quest computers offer a wide variety of options. Extensive data about vehicles can be collected and visualized, which can help with managing maintenance.

Quest computers can support features such as:

  • Location-based service
  • KAR (short distance radio for traffic light priority)
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Information
  • Access control

All of these features can be controlled from a single Quest computer, which can save a lot of in-vehicle hardware.

Quest for emergency services

Several emergency services in the Netherlands already use Quest computers. The police uses a multifunctional computer with a location-based service so that the control room can track any unit on the road in real time. The same Quest computer also provides the navigation, the communication and is integrated with the system of the police. Besides the police, several fire departments and ambulance services use Quest computers as well.

Project solutions and cooperation

We always keep the end user in mind when developing Quest computers. For in-vehicle use its important that the computers are fan less, have a robust casing, can withstand severe vibrations, are energy efficient and boot up at the same time as the vehicle. Concerning quantities we are flexible. We can provide small amounts of Quest computers but we can also provide entire project solutions in much larger quantities. We often develop together with our customers and partners to find the perfect solution for everyone involved.

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