Innovative technology in motion. At Intemo we are always looking for new innovative ways to improve technology. We are constantly providing innovative solutions that solve technical challenges for our customers. We have extensive experience in developing new products; from idea phase to development and from technical management to service and maintenance.  We gladly guide you through this process to find the perfection solution together with you.

Intemo - Quest

Quest computers offer a unique in-vehicle hardware solution. The computers are small in terms of size but equipped with a powerful processor, which makes them excellent for supporting multiple features within a vehicle. Quest computers offer a wide variety of technical management features. At any given moment you can remotely check statuses, monitor processes and update software. Quest computers can offer an optional fleet management system as well.

Intemo - Josene

Josene sensors excel in measuring and collecting data in a wide variety of environments. The sensors can be linked to an open standards platform for collecting and visualizing data. By utilizing multiple sensors within an area, a sensor network can be created to find correlations between different variables.

Intemo - ECOserver

ECOserver offer innovative server solutions. With these servers you can save up to 75% in terms of space and energy efficiency. ECOservers can be combined with multiple of our embedded computers to create a complete solution.