Intemo technology partner for Interreg North-West Europe

Smart Space
Intemo is part of the Interreg North-West Europe project called Smart Space, as a technology partner. This project was initiated to reduce CO2 emission in North-West Europe through new innovative solutions. A combination of research institutions, innovation partners, municipalities and universities partake in Smart Space. A budget of € 4.300.000 is available to bring the project to a success.





Reduction of CO2 emission
Municipalities play an important role in the Smart Space project, as they are responsible for 70% of the energy consumption and CO2 emission in North-West Europe. Approximately 30% of the total energy consumption of municipalities comes from street lighting. Smart street lighting can provide massive reductions in energy consumptions and CO2 emissions.

Smart street lighting
Smart street lighting has only been implemented on a small scale so far, mainly used in pilot projects. With Smart Space the aim is a large scale implementation of smart street lighting, which will happen in mostly small/mid-size municipalities. Several municipalities in The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland will implement smart street lighting. By attaching smart sensors to light poles the light intensity can be automatically adjusted to every situation. For example this makes automatic light dimming possible when there is no detection of movement. Smart street lighting can provide energy consumption reductions of up to 60%

Intemo is very proud to be part of the Smart Space project. As an innovative company we match well with the vision of Interreg to achieve scalable, horizontal solutions that help tackle social challenges. Our knowledge and experience with smart sensors can contribute to developing a solid solution with which CO2 emissions can be reduced.

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