Intention agreement Brainport Smart District and Intemo

Brainport Smart District and INTEMO start “living the future”!

Intemo and Brainport Smart District have signed an important intention agreement concerning technology for the development of the upcoming Smart District in Helmond, The Netherlands. As a technology partner Intemo will develop and provide innovative solutions that can be integrated in the Smart District.

Brainport Smart District wants to create the smartest district in the world. The goal is to build a fully sustainable district based on circularity in construction, water, food, energy and care.
Which is also the goal of a Smart City, to improve the quality of life. By utilizing data to create new insights, a city can be organized more efficiently. Brainport Smart District wants the residents to be owner of the data generated in the district. The majority of the district will be connected through a network of sensors and IoT devices.

To maximize the potential of a Smart City there are still some challenges to overcome in general. For example standardizing data collection, validating data, horizontal integration, standardizing communication methods and using universal data platforms.


Irene Bruines (Intemo) talking to secretary of state Knops en mayor Blanksma (Vincent Knoops fotografie)


Because the Smart District will be unique in its kind, it will be a great challenge for all parties involved in building the district. The ambitious goals set by Brainport will require a lot of effort. This intention agreement is a first important step towards reaching the goals of Brainport Smart District. Both parties Intemo and Brainport will do their very best to turn the Smart District into a success. We are proud to be able to contribute to the Smart District.