Light yet powerful: the new panel PC’s

Touch panel solution

Our partner DFI introduces two new models to their touch panel pc range, the KS070-AL and the KS156-AL. Both panel PC’s are equipped with Intel Atom® E3900 processors (also know as Apollo Lake). The panel PC’s features an IP65 front panel protection, multi touch and offer a variety of I/O options. This makes the KS070-AL and the KS156-AL very suited for appliances in factory automation, transport and embedded applications.

KS070-AL                                                            KS156-AL

IP65 protection

A heavy industrial environment demands a lot from a panel PC. Dust and moisture can cause a system to run unstably. To prevent this from happening, the panel KS070-AL and the KS156-AL feature an IP65 front panel protection with dust and water resistance. Because of this the panel PC’s can continue to run stable even in the most demanding environments.

Support gloved touch

The multi touch screen of the KS070-AL and the KS156-AL supports gloved touch. Users can still operate the system even when wearing working gloves. This can raise the working efficiency as well as the safety in a working environment.

Easy to integrate

To make the KS070-AL and the KS156-AL easily applicable to various market fields, the panel PC’s use a open frame design. The panel PC’s are tailor made to the solutions in factory automation, transportation, and KIOSK applications.

You can read more information about the KS070-AL, or request a quotation.

You can read more information about the KS156-AL, or request a quotation.

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