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This privacy statement of Intemo contains information about how we process your personal data. With this statement we hope to inform you about our privacy policy, your rights and our obligations regarding your privacy. If you still have questions after reading our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Intemo is a distributor of industrial computer solutions and sensors for a wide range of markets. Besides distributing standard products we also develop our own products and solutions. To carry out our business we require personal data from our customers. In this privacy statement we will explain what we do with your personal data, the amount of time we keep your personal data, what your rights are regarding your personal data and what measures we take to secure your personal data.

Goal of collecting data

Intemo only collects your personal data when we have a clear purpose for it. We may collect your information for the following 3 purposes:

  1. Communication
    When you ask us a question through email or on our website using either the contact form or the live chat, we collect your personal data if you grant us permission to do so. We only ask for the required information such as name, company name, telephone number and email address. This information is required because without it we would not, or only partially, be able to carry out our business. We keep your personal data so that we can communicate with you by responding to your question or comment.
  2. Newsletter
    A few times a year we write an Intemo newsletter which we like to share with you. The newsletters may contain various types of topics, for example information about new products, invitations to technological fares we will be attending to, or information about recent developments in the market. If you don’t wish to receive our newsletters, you can use the unsubscribe button which you can find in all of our newsletters.
  3. Statistics
    We use Google Analytics to collect information from our website to improve user experience. We made sure that the cookies of Analytics have been anonymised so that they can not be related to your name, company name or email address. The information we collect are the duration of your visit to our website and the pages you view, amongst other information.


In order to process your information, we use the following processors:

  1. Microsoft (the Netherlands): Microsoft (the Netherlands) keeps a backup of all the emails you send to Intemo.
  2. Rocket Science Group (Mailchimp): When you are subscribed to our newsletter, we keep your information in the mailing list of Mailchimp.
  3. Savvii: Information you send using our website will be kept on the servers of our website host Savvii.
  4. Spiro: To improve the relationship with our customers we use a CRM system (Spiro).

Data retention

Your personal data that we collect we keep for a set amount of time, but never longer than needed for the purpose it was collected. For the next purposes we tell you for what period of time we keep your information:

  1. Communicate: When you contact us through email, live chat or contact form on our website, your information such as name, company name and email address will get collected. This information will get stored as long as needed with a maximum of 5 years.
  2. Newsletter: When you are subscribed to our newsletter we keep your personal data for as long as you are subscribed to it. When you unsubscribe from our newsletter, we will remove your personal data, except when you are in an active billing relationship with us. Then we still need your personal data to communicate with you. You will of course no longer receive our newsletter.
  3. Statistics: The data that is being collected by Google Analytics is being stored for an indefinite period by Google. However, we made sure that your data is being processed anonymously so that it doesn’t identify you.


Intemo greatly values the safety of your personal data. We strive to protect your personal information to the best of our abilities from unauthorized access. That’s why we implemented several organizational and technical measures to improve the security of your personal data. All of the devices, systems, connections and networks we work with are secured. Our website utilizes a safe connection, so when you visit our website and send information the data is protected.


You have several rights concerning your personal information:

  1. Right of access: you have the right to obtain confirmation from us on whether or not we process data from you, where and for what purpose. Furthermore, you can request a copy of all your personal data we process.
  2. Right to rectification: you have the right to correct inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect personal data we process about you. If you do, we will make sure to correct your personal data as soon as possible.
  3. Right to data erasure (right to be forgotten): you have the right to request your personal data that we process to be erased. If you do, we will make sure to erase all your personal data we keep.
  4. Right to data portability: you have the right to request your personal data to be transmitted to another controller. If you do, we will make sure your personal data will be transmitted to the controller you wish to have it transmitted to.
  5. Right to object: you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by us.
  6. Right to (temporary) restriction of processing: you have the right to request the (temporary) restriction of your personal data.
  7. Right to complain: you have the right to register a complaint about the way we handle your personal data. You can register your complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


All the data that Intemo processes is based on a legitimate interest, knowingly a commercial interest. We only process personal data with your consent. This includes activities such as communicating with customers, offering products and services or marketing related activities such as a newsletter.

When it is required to share your personal information with another processor other than the ones mentioned in this privacy statement, we will always ask your permission first before sharing any of your personal data.

Contact details

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5705 CN Helmond, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 17087153
VAT number: NL8041.64.617.B01