First sensors for passers-by counting installed

Recently the first sensors for a new passers-by counting system have been installed in the municipality of Nijmegen. Intemo is the supplier of the sensors for Nijmegen and is also responsible for the installation. Next to supplying and installing we provide technical support. We helped determining the best locations to place the sensors, determine the height of which the sensors should be placed and calibrated the sensors. There wil be 19 sensors in total across Nijmegen.

Nijmegen is the first municipality in The Netherlands to use this innovative system. The sensors will help the municipality to visualize the passers-by flows which gives them insights about the busy parts of the city. The new system is a replacement for the old way of passers-by counting through wifi tracking. Wifi tracking uses the MAC-address of passers-by which is not privacy friendly. The new passers-by counting system is developed according to the privacy by design method. Even though the sensors are equiped with an integrated camera, the images are directly converted to anonymous data. The municipality of Nijmegen is even nominated for the privacy award 2019 because of the passers-by system.

You can read more about the passers-by counting system here.

Interested in passers-by counting in your municipality? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would gladly tell you more about the possibilities.