Visit Intemo at Smart City Expo Barcelona

Intemo will be at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona from November 19th untill the 21st. We will be showcasing our Smart City solutions and the possibilities they can offer.  Our booth can be found in Hal 1: the start-up area. Together with our partners Static Air, the municipality of Nijmegen and Smart City Plaza we hope to help municipalities make their city smarter.

Smart City Expo is one of the worlds leading events on innovative technologies that facilitate a Smart City. The goal of the event is to connect municipalities from all over the world to share experiences and learn about the latest innovative technologies. On the long term the goal is to achieve a better future for cities, where the municipality, the civilians and businesses all benefit from. The event hosts over 700 municipalities from 140 different countries each year. With well over 25 000 visitors the event attracts a large audience. The congress offers 5 different tracks: Digital transformation, Urban environement, Mobility, Governance & finance, Inclusive & Sharing cities.

Together with the municipality of Nijmegen we have developed innovative technologies that facilitate a Smart City in several different projects. During Smart City Expo we will demonstrate some of those solutions:

  • Smart sensors for measuring air quality: For several different projects in Nijmegen Intemo has developed sensors to measure air quality, climate values and environmental factors. In some of these projects we also work together with Static Air, that develops solutions for clearing fine particle matters from the air.
  • Traffic data: To gain insights on how crowded it is in city centers, the effects of infrastructural changes on the behaviour or traffic and the way flows of pedestrians move through a city, Intemo has deployed Numina sensors in Nijmegen that measure all of the above.
  • Public lighting switch: Intemo recently developed a new switch (CityZenZ ®) that functions as a controller for public lighting in Nijmegen. With the CityZenZ ® the municipality is prepared for a smart management system, because the switch can easily be expanded with smart modules.

You can find more information about Smart City Expo Barcelona here.

Registrations are still open. We hope to see you there!