Innovative Technology in Motion, this is what Intemo and its mindset are all about. Like the words suggest: with Intemo innovation comes first. In embedded computers, sensors, components, and product design in the area of industrial computers. Click here for more information about Intemo.




Intemo would like to take care of your hardware matters. We do this for all segments in which we are active by providing good service, logistics, and aftercare. In the field of standard modules, you can think of, for instance, (touch) screens, industrial computers, embedded computers, and other possibilities.



Intemo thinks along with you. We are a specialist in various computer solutions, from standard modules to the integration of various modules into one product. Hence, it is also possible to integrate modules such as (touch) screens or computers in your own appliance. We keep your design in mind and think along with you about all the possibilities which our technique can offer you and your product.



Intemo offers solutions which work. If the market does not provide solutions which meet your product requirements/needs, Intemo disposes of an experienced team of developers which can solve every problem for you. They make sure a custom solution will be found for you which fully meets the intended use and your wishes.