Large scale installation CityZenZ in Nijmegen

The municipality of Nijmegen recently started with the large scale installation of new smart switches for public lighting. The switches, named CityZenZ ®, are developed by Intemo in cooperation with the municipality of Nijmegen. Approximately 300 CityZenZ ® switches will be installed throughout the city. With the use of the CityZenZ ® switches Nijmegen is prepared for the future, as the TF-signal which is currently being used to switch public lighting on and off, will no longer be available.

In 2020 network operator Liander will stop supporting the TF signal in several provinces in the Netherlands, including Gelderland. To ensure the public lighting will continue to be switched on and off Intemo has developed the CityZenZ ®. The basic module utilizes an astronomical clock to switch between a day and night program. With the basic module of the CityZenZ ® municipalities are prepared for smart energy management and smart lighting. The basic module of the CityZenZ ® is developed in such a way it can be easily expanded with additional smart modules. The next modules can be added:

  • Module remote communication: This extra module enables remote communication with the CityZenZ ®. This module also actively controls the 3-phase power and sends notifications in case of a malfunction, by utilizing a connection with the P1 gate. At the same time the connection with P1 enables the monitoring of the energy quality and quantity. Firmware and program updates can be executed remotely.
  • Module intelligent switch: This module enables smart energy management, monitoring of energy consumption and remote communication with control cabinets. This module also enables  checking remotely if the control cabinet door is opened or closed, room for a light sensor which can be used to autonomously switch lights on and off based on movement and notifies when there is a power malfunction.
  • Module light pole switch: This module enables communication with individual light poles. This module also enables control of Dali 1 & Dali 2, notifies in case of a malfunction in the luminaire and real time individual switching on light pole level.

On the short term the CityZenZ ® is a solution for the discontinued TF-signal. On the long term the CityZenZ ® can contribute to reaching goals of the SER-energy agreement. This agreement states that in 2020 a 20% reduction of energy consumption from public lighting should be achieved in the Netherlands and that 40% of the public lighting should use a smart energy management system.

The CityZenZ ® is the next addition to the solutions of Intemo that facilitate a Smart City. In combination with our air quality sensors and passers-by counting systems, it opens possibilities for a horizontalle integrateable urban data platform from which municipalities, citizens and entrepeneurs benefit from. A similar project will be initiated in Brainport Smart District where Intemo will be facilitating solutions.