Review: Nijmegen makes it happen!

On Wednesday October 10th the congress Smart City: Nijmegen does it! took place in the city hall of Nijmegen. During this congress the municipality of Nijmegen shared it’s experience in measuring air quality using smart sensors with other municipalities and interested parties. As the Green Capital of Europe, Nijmegen is all too familiar with using smart sensors in the city and the possibilities they offer. Intemo was invited to the congress as well, as developer and producer of the sensor platforms used for several projects in Nijmegen. Intemo was asked to give a presentation about the practical side of utilizing smart sensors in public spaces.

Intemo would like to thank the Municipality of Nijmegen and the visitors for a fantastic congress. The high attendance numbers and the reactions from the visitors were very positive and inspiring. There was a lot of interaction with the audience which made it even better. During the presentation Intemo shared more insights on important aspects when measuring air quality with with smart sensors. Aspects such as: what kind of communication platforms are available, how do you handle the communication between sensors and data platforms, how do you make sure you have enough power supply for the sensors, how do you handle the raw data and privacy by design.

Towards the end of the congress there was a tour for attendees alongside the Waalkade, the epicenter of air quality measuring in Nijmegen. Alongside the Waalkade the effect of ships on particle matter levels in the air gets measured. Read more about the Waalkade project in Nijmegen.

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Have u missed this congress? Or are you interested in utilizing smart sensors in your municipality? Feel free to give us a call or ask a question by using the contact form below. We would gladly tell you more about the possibilities.